Transforming Transportation Accessibility

August 4, 2023

Since the March 2023 relaunch of CHAIway, a program of CHAI and AgeWell, over 130 older adults have enrolled – gaining access to reliable, safe, and affordable transportation. To date, CHAIway OTG (On the Go) has provided over 300 discounted Uber and Lyft rides. The service has been a lifeline for many riders who use it to perform day-to-day errands and get to medical appointments and social engagements. Currently, participation is open to existing CHAI clients and residents of CHAI’s senior living communities. It is clear from the overwhelmingly positive rider feedback that CHAIway is becoming an important resource for older adults living in the community. One rider expressed: “[CHAIway] gives me a sense of security about being able to get wherever I need to go.” Future plans include additional enrollment events, expansion with our AgeWell Baltimore partners, and the addition of a volunteer driver program in the coming year.
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