Please note:

CHAI offices are closed to the public until further notice in an effort to keep our community and staff safe but we continue to offer services to our community.


Leadership and Administration

Lisa K. Budlow

Chief Executive Officer 410-500-5354

Phil Symonds

Chief Financial Officer 410-500-5331

Rachel Ruben

Vice President of Development and Impact 410-500-5332

Arlene Ellison

Director of Operations 410-500-5304

Martha Weinrauch

Office Administrator 410-500-5317

Natasha Yaeger

Marketing and Communications Manager 410-500-5320

Homeownership, Loans and Foreclosure Prevention

Chesca Stein

Homeownership Specialist 410-500-5309

David Moray

Loan Administrator 410-500-5327

Community Engagement

Larry Schugam

Senior Director of Community Development 410-500-5306

Sherrell Savage

Northwest Community and Schools Director 410-500-5305

Stephen D. Bowley, Sr.

Pikesville Community and Schools Director 410-500-5307

Aging In Community

Tiffany Nicolette

Vice President, Aging in Community 410-500-5975

Jessica Price

Outreach and Operations Manager 410-500-5303

Anne Shimanovich

Aging in Community Program Manager 410-843-9236

Rona Gross

Program Manager, Senior Home Repair & Benefits 410-500-5334

Morgan Gable

Senior Benefits Counselor 410-500-5313

Lisa Glick

Intake Specialist​ 410-500-5433

Corrie Everhart

Senior Home Repair Supervisor 410-500-5316

John Laube

Senior Home Repair Technician 410-500-5316

Holly Pearl

Community Transportation Coordinator 410-500-5318

Weinberg Senior Living Development and Management

Ellen Jarrett

Vice President, Housing Planning & Development 410-500-5311

Roy Kiewe

Vice President, Asset Management 410-500-5312

Laura Hartman

Housing Development Project Manager 410-500-5333

Penina Berman

Housing Asset Specialist 410-500-5336

Edward A. Myerberg Center

Niki Barr

Center Director 443-963-1450

Jennifer Osterweil

Assistant Director, Programs 443-963-1449

Elliott Goldberg

Assistant Director, Operations 443-963-1447

Markese Hayden

Fitness and Wellness Director 443-963-1455
For more on the Edward A. Myerberg Center, please visit

Leadership of CHAI

Howard Sollins, President
Peter Burstein, First Vice President
Scott Brown, Vice President
Eugene Poverni, Vice President
Howard Sobkov, Vice President
Jeffrey Powers, Secretary
Ron Bronfin, Treasurer

Melissa Peters, Immediate Past President

CHAI Board Members

  • Ari Abramson
  • Alex Berezin
  • Robb Cohen
  • Cronshi Englander
  • Mark Gheiler
  • Michael Ginsberg
  • Doni Greenwald
  • Shana Harris
  • Rev. Arnold Howard
  • Martha Nathanson
  • Mark Pressman
  • Michael Raphael
  • Matthew Rothstein
  • Jill Spector
  • Rikki Spector
  • Steven Stern
  • Gilbert Trout
  • Esther Weiner
  • Judy Paschkusz-Weiss

Life Members

  • David I. Bavar
  • David H. Brooks
  • Sanford R. Cardin
  • David D. Carliner
  • Paul R. Cooper
  • Benjamin J. Dubin
  • Alan J. Fink
  • Cass Gottlieb
  • Erwin L. Greenberg
  • Fritzi K. Hallock
  • Lowell Herman
  • Leroy E. Hoffberger Z”l​
  • Arnold K. Kohn
  • Aaron Max
  • Edward Obstler Z”l
  • Robert G. Pollokoff
  • Jeffrey Rosen
  • Lee Rosenberg
  • Arnold Scheinberg
  • Ina Singer
  • Todd Tilson
  • ​Larry M. Wolf Z”l​