Cheers to the Home Team

September 8, 2023

The Edward A. Myerberg Center is known for its state-of-the-art fitness center, engaging courses, and an innovative virtual center, but its caring and dedicated staff may be one of its most valuable features. Recently, long-time member Ernie Feibelman, a Holocaust survivor who credits baseball as part of his “Americanization” after arriving in 1946 at age 11, made a casual remark to Myerberg security guard Perry Standfield that he would love to go to a game. After decades as a regular at Memorial Stadium and then Camden Yards, Ernie had not been to a game in years. Within hours of that conversation, the Myerberg team had sprung into action, arranging a chartered trip to Camden Yards. And two weeks later, Ernie, Perry and nearly 50 other Myerberg members and staff were rooting for the Orioles from the stands. Cheers to the home teams – both the Myerberg and the O’s!
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