Please note:

CHAI offices are closed to the public until further notice in an effort to keep our community and staff safe but we continue to offer services to our community.


Housing for People with Disabilities (HOPED)

CHAI HOPED housing program offers affordable, quality housing for adults diagnosed with a mental disorder. The CHAI HOPED program enables low-income individuals to live independent, self-sufficient lives in single-gender shared houses. CHAI currently owns six houses with 20 residents.


Family Housing

Affordable family housing in the community is critical to provide workforce residents access to housing and neighborhood amenities. In FY16, CHAI purchased Fallstaff Apartments, a 13-unit market-rate community. CHAI developed the property into CHAI Fallstaff Apartments, a 16-unit Affordable Family Housing Community that primarily serves residents with incomes at, or below, 60% of area median income. Four of the 16 units are for residents with disabilities with incomes at, or below, 30% of area median income. Three commercial units were converted into apartments, two of which are ADA compliant.


Asset Management

The purpose of CHAI’s Asset Management program is to oversee the management of, and provide supportive services in, the 16 affordable housing projects that CHAI has developed over the past 25 years. By reducing housing operating costs, CHAI enables many low-income people to use their limited incomes to pay for other services/resources that they also need.

CHAI obtains government subsidies and grant funds to achieve this goal. The efficient management of our housing also brings revenue to CHAI that can help pay for other community services.

CHAI currently oversees the management of 16 senior housing projects comprising 1,639 units, 1 affordable family project with 16 units, and 6 homes for people with chronic mental illness housing 20 residents.



CHAI assumed the management, operation and governance of the Edward A. Myerberg Center in 2016. CHAI brings considerable experience in building operation and expertise in providing services to the senior community in northwest Baltimore to ensure the vitality and sustenance of the center. CHAI oversees daily operation of the center’s programs and services and has overseen the expansion of its membership base and implementation of new and enhanced programming.


CHAI has developed Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Senior Living communities to provide safe, secure, and service-enriched affordable housing for low-income older adults. These communities promotes a social and community-oriented environment for seniors who are able to live independently. CHAI is one of the premier developers of such housing in Maryland. Since 1994, CHAI, as a developer, has completed a total of 1,639 units 16 buildings.

The following eight projects are Independent Living Units that were financed primarily through the HUD-202 program and receive rental subsidy under Project Rental Assistance Contracts:

  • Weinberg Place (231 units)
  • Weinberg Gardens (84 units)
  • Weinberg House (116 units)
  • Weinberg Terrace (87 units)
  • Weinberg Woods (72 units)
  • Weinberg Village I (75 units)
  • Weinberg III (100 units)
  • Renaissance Gardens (60 units)

These seven projects were funded primarily through the Federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program:

  • Weinberg Village II (85 units)
  • Weinberg VillageĀ  IV (100 units)
  • Weinberg Village V (86 units)
  • Weinberg Manor East (186 units)
  • Weinberg Manor West (108 units)
  • Weinberg Manor South (90 units)
  • Weinberg Manhattan Park (123 units)


CHAI developed, owns and operates Weinberg Park, an affordable 36-bed assisted living facility that provides 24-hour medical and social support to older adults and individuals with disabilities whom require a higher level of care than that offered in CHAI independent living facilities.