Active in the five northwest Baltimore neighborhoods of Cheswold, Cross Country, Fallstaff, Glen and Mt. Washington, CHAI serves its residents and schools through community organizing, resident engagement and supporting improvements to the homes and infrastructure of our communities. Our programs have impacted hundreds of households by enhancing curb appeal, improving the environment and increasing the shared sense of pride, ownership and connectedness of neighbors throughout our communities.

Community Organizing and Engagement

Community Engagement and Organizing facilitates the development of residents to become agents of change on shared issues in their communities. It increases the stability of the neighborhoods through resident-led efforts to improve their quality of life.

Four Core Elements of Community Organizing:

  • Develop Community Leaders: Help community leaders develop an analysis of issues facing their lives and communities while giving them the skills to act on these issues.
  • Community Association Support: Assist community association leaders and members with building their membership. Support the strong group of committed, motivated resident leaders who share interest in issues facing the community and who are committed to working towards change.
  • Organizational Development: Building systems and structures to support resident leaders in making the change that they want to see happen. This can also mean building or supporting a community-based organization or institution.
  • Campaign Development: Devising concrete strategies, tactics and plans for addressing an issue or policy that impacts the lives of the community and fighting for change.

Community Organizing also connects residents to CHAI’s array of services. CHAI has facilitated the community’s creation of hundreds of neighborhood projects since its inception which have served to increase curb appeal, improve the environment, and increase the shared sense of pride, ownership and connectedness of neighbors throughout the GSA. CHAI works to:

Support community leaders with block projects
Provide assistance with grants and loans to improve your home
Connect residents with resources in the community
Offer assistance with projects to improve the community


Contact Sherrell Savage to learn more.

School Partnerships and Engagement

CHAI's School-Community Partnerships support local public educational institutions to improve educational offerings, engage families in their schools and improve student outcomes. We advocate for improvements in school climate, promote parent involvement, support tutoring and fundraise for capital projects and enrichment activities.

Contact Roxanne Allen regarding partnerships at

Fallstaff Neighborhood Multicultural Organizing Project

The Fallstaff Neighborhood, in the Northwest corner of Baltimore City, is comprised of residents from the African American diaspora, Jewish, and Latinx communities. Working with neighborhood leadership, CHAI takes an proactive role in promoting opportunities for community members to establish strong relationships across cultural differences.

In collaboration with CASA, The Fallstaff Neighborhood Multicultural Organizing Project seeks to cultivate mutual respect and understanding amongst neighbors. Through the development of personal relationships, CHAI utilizes it resources to achieve concrete neighborhood improvements. This project increases the stability of the Fallstaff neighborhood by:

- Improving relationships and communication of residents
- Supporting neighborhood improvement projects
- Allowing community to broaden knowledge on differing cultures
- Encouraging local leaders to create change within Fallstaff
- Fostering exploration of different cultures
- Boosting self-pride for Fallstaff residents

Contact Brittany Morgan at to learn more.

Help Us Make An Impact

Interested in getting involved? We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available to members of our community.


Neighborhoods We Work In

CHAI’s Northern Park Heights General Service Area (GSA) is comprised of the five Baltimore City neighborhoods of Cheswolde, Cross Country, Glen, Fallstaff, and Mt. Washington, all of which have active community associations. They address an array of issues that impact the neighborhoods’ appearance, security, property values and resident connections. Baltimore City recognizes neighborhood associations as the voice of the residents. If your home does not appear within the boundaries of any of the associations listed below, check the Community Association Directory at Other helpful resources include: Healthy Neighborhoods and Live Baltimore.



Cheswolde Neighborhood Association
President: Nathan Willner, 410-382-7588​,
Meetings: First Wednesday of the month at Falls Village Apartments Community Center 7:30 p.m.
Dues: $20/year

Cross Country

Cross Country Improvement Association
President: Avrahom Sauer,
Meetings: Second Tuesday of the month at CHAI, Sept to June, 7:30 p.m.
Dues: $10/year


Fallstaff Improvement Association
President: Sandy Johnson,, 410-358-4140
Meetings: First Thursday of the month at Fallstaff Elementary School, 7:00 p.m.
Dues: $10/year


Glen Neighborhood Improvement Association
President: Betty Cherniak,, 443-360-8974​
Meetings: Second Thursday of the month at CHAI, 7:00 p.m.
Dues: $15/year

Mt. Washington

Mount Washington Improvement Association
President: TBD​,
Meetings: Second Tuesday of every other month at The Wesley, 2211 W. Rogers Avenue, 7:30 p.m.
Dues: $40/year

"Thank you to CHAI for your dedication to supporting our schools. It has not gone unnoticed."

– Dori Popkin Chait

Emergency Resources

CHAI wants to make sure your neighborhood remains stable before, during and after severe weather, natural disasters and other regional emergencies. Take a look at the resources below, so you and your neighbors can be ready to expect the unexpected.