Please note: CHAI’s Housing counseling department will not be accepting any new clients until Monday, Nov. 4. Should you need immediate assistance,  please contact St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center at 410-235-5770 (PP) or 410-366-8550 for foreclosures St. Ambrose is a highly respected agency and one of the oldest, if not the oldest, housing counseling agency in Baltimore City. Thank you!



We want to see northwest Baltimore thrive.

That’s why we provide homebuyer education services, loans and foreclosure prevention counseling to ensure our neighborhoods and their residents are flourishing. Our programs are available to homebuyers and owners at all stages, from first-time owners to long-time residents.

Homebuyer Education Services

Homebuyer Education Services are offered in a two-step program, Homebuyer Education Workshops and required follow-up Homebuyer Individual Counseling session.

Homebuyer Education Workshop

Gain confidence as a homebuyer. CHAI’s Homebuyer Education Workshop helps homebuyers prepare for the journey of purchasing a home in Baltimore City and learning about the new challenges of being a homeowner. Our workshop covers the topics of how to prepare for homeownership and discusses the eligibility rules for settlement incentives offered by Baltimore City, the State of Maryland and other programs. We discuss CHAI’s proprietary Homebuyer Loan Programs and we also have a licensed mortgage loan officer, as a guest presenter at each workshop to discuss the loan pre-approval process.

Homebuyer Education Workshop

Homebuyer Individual Counseling

To be eligible for incentives offered by CHAI, local government, and some private lenders, individuals must attend a First-time Home Buyer Workshop, either a group workshop or an online homebuyer HUD approved course and subsequently attend an individual counseling session with a housing counselor.

The homebuyer workshop offers the big picture, while the individual session focuses on the buyer. The counselor will analyze the individual’s credit, income, and savings to determine readiness to buy and housing affordability. Finally, counselor will review all the settlement incentive programs to determine which ones may be used by the client.

For more information about workshops and counseling, please contact Joyce Crockett at 410-500-5310 or Chesca Stein at 410-500-5309.


Homeownership Loans

CHAI makes interest-free homebuyer and home improvement loans available to potential homebuyers to assist with the costs of settlement, down payment and home improvements.

    • Our Homebuyer Loan offers up to $15,000 for recent homebuyers that can be used for virtually any post-purchase interior or exterior renovation project. A maximum of $15,000 in Glen and Fallstaff neighborhoods and $10,000 in Cheswolde, Cross Country and Mt. Washington neighborhoods.
    • Our Home Improvement Loan offers $10,000 to existing residents living in the Baltimore City neighborhoods of Glen, Fallstaff, Cheswolde, Cross Country and Mt. Washington who have lived in their homes for two or more years.
    • Our Energy Savings Loan provides financial resources for homeowners to invest in home renovations that will save energy, lower utility bills and keep housing affordable. This loan is available to homeowners in the Baltimore City neighborhoods of Glen, Fallstaff, Cheswolde, Cross Country and Mt. Washington and in these ZIP Codes in the County: 21208, 21209, 21117, 21133, and 21136.

For more information about loans, please contact David Moray.

“A house is made with walls and beams. A home is made with love and dreams.”

– Author Unknown.

Foreclosure Prevention Services

CHAI provides counseling and assistance to clients facing foreclosure. Our counselors provide guidance and help navigate the complex mortgage modification process. In the event that a homeowner may not be able to retain their home, CHAI’s counselor will provide transition support or referral to other agencies who may be able to offer further assistance.

For more information, contact Joyce Crockett at 410-500-5310 or Chesca Stein at 410-500-5309.

CHAI Loans and Grants by the Numbers

$1.3 million
in our revolving loan fund available to northwest Baltimore residents.
678 families
(and counting) that we've assisted through our programs.
$7.2 million
given in loans for settlement, down payment and home renovations.

Homebuying Resources

To browse a full list of homes available in northwest Baltimore and get access to useful documents to help with your homebuying research needs, view the materials below.